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I’m Paula, a London-based yoga teacher since 2011, columnist at OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine since 2012 and author of Rest + Calm: Gentle yoga and mindful practices to nurture and restore yourself (Green Tree, Bloomsbury Publishing).

Pre-2011, I worked full-time in TV for fourteen years, ten of which were in comedy script development and along the way I did a bit of comedy script writing for radio and children’s TV. To this day you might find me doing the odd bit of script development every now and again. 

Why Slow Living in the Big City?

For some years now, my focus has been on slowing down, resting, inviting more space into day-to day-life and offering how-to tips around these areas that others might find useful. Long time readers of my work in OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine will be familiar with my writing on these subjects, and in my book Rest + Calm which was published in 2022, I was able to offer some of what I teach via restorative yoga, breathing practices, meditation and more. 

Now in midlife, I notice that I care less about what others think than I did in my twenties and thirties and I’m really interested in how more of us can live our lives on our own terms. When we’re constantly on the go or filling up every minute of the day in the name of productivity, we lack the space necessary to have clarity about what we truly want. Living in a big city increases the pressure to go faster at all times, but it is possible to choose your own pace.

Join me in the slow lane and let’s form our own slow community. 

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Paula Hines is a columnist, author and yoga teacher. Writing about wellbeing, rest and living in a way that feels unhurried, intentional and spacious in a world that wants you to keep going no matter what. Plus yoga and meditation practices to nourish you